Overcoming Negative Bias

Expressing Self Confidence

Confidence is such a powerful tool to harness. Embodying all of who you are is the key to creating the kind of life you want to live.

In this workshop learn how to build on your confidence so that you can connect to the next best step for you.

Saturday Sept 17th, 9.45am - 12.15pm - The McKillop Institute

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In this workshop, we are going to explore ways you can be more confident in...

Expressing your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the workplace

Expressing yourself and your creativity

Speaking you truth

Your own body

Becoming more visible either in your business or in the work place

As babies we experienced confidence when learning new skills, like walking or learning through play. However, life experiences, comments from others or set backs can chip away at your confidence and then stop you from doing what you really want out of life.

Confidence is within you. This workshop will be about you uncovering and growing confidence in your body, mind and voice. This is about tapping into your unique strengths so that you can shine brightly in your areas of expertise.

Whether you want to speak up in work meetings, ask for a promotion, have a difficult conversation or become more visible online this workshop will give you the tools to embody more confidence.

About Your Hosts

Lynne O'Neill

Jazz Vocalist, Mindfulness Teacher and Massage Therapist

Lynne has 26 years experience as a Jazz vocalist and coach, performing in venues around the UK and Europe and teaching in Schools and Universities.

She is currently researching an MSc in Mindfulness and Voice and has been teaching mindfulness for 12 years.

Lynne is also a qualified massage/Bowen technique therapist.

Lynne is passionate about working with anyone with a voice, from beginner to professional. By combining her unique skills she creates spaces where individuals can experience the joy of embodying their unique sound, expression, creativity and flow.

FB @lynneoneillwellbeing

Jane Simpson

Contemporary Dancer & Therapeutic Massage Practitioner

Jane trained in Contemporary dance, improvisation at the Laban Centre.

She is a trained body work techniques and has over 30 years experience synthesising many techniques such as physical theatre, dance, expressive movements and the healing arts.

Jane is passionate about creating spaces for people to express themselves and find that ease, energy and sheer enjoyment of being themselves.

She has performed in many theatres, small spaces and street theatre. She currently teaches on the performing arts course at Glasgowclyde and has recently started a movement class in Lochwinnoch.


Lorna MacPhail

Embodiment Coach , Speaker & Wellbeing Consultant

Lorna combines her passion and experience of mind, body, heart practices with nutrition and intuitive coaching and runs workshops, online courses and retreats.

Lorna works with people who are discontented in their working life and are looking for change but don't know what direction to go in. She believes that mastering your own emotions and being connected to your sense of purpose in life is the key to health and happiness.

When you combine a life on purpose with self mastery, there is a shift from within. Relationships flourish (even the challenging ones), you feel happier, you're healthier and you know you're achieving your true potential.

Lorna is also the founder of a pioneering programme supporting schools on their journey to a whole school mindfulness and compassion based approach to wellbeing.


Join us for this incredible experience, and offer yourself the gift of time, presence and connection.

Through movement, meditation, voice work and reflection start to tune into the power within.

We look forward to welcoming you there.