Reconnect to the Power of Self Love

Are you tired of your inner critic and ready to change the script?

If so, join me for at the Lochwinnoch Feel Good Festival, The Bowling Club

Wednesday Sept 14th, 7 - 9pm

Yes, I want to join

The inner critic can be harsh.

Sometimes you don’t even notice it speaking, until your mood drops and self doubt creeps in.

The inner critic can block your clarity and confidence, sabotage your relationships and impact your health.

In this workshop, we are going to explore ways we can break the repeated patterns of thought that are no longer serving us and reconnect to the power of self compassion.

We all experience the voice of the inner critic. It can lead to feelings of shame, guilt and not feeling good enough. Negative bias can also hook us into perspectives that affect how we feel about ourselves, each other and the world.

There is so much scientific evidence now on the impact that our thoughts have on our health and therefor our ability to feel content with life connect to a greater sense of purpose.

This is a journey of self mastery. Mastery of our thoughts, therefore our feeling and therefore our actions.  It is a science and an art form that we can learn to dance with.

I believe that if we can connect to a more powerful energy, the energy of self love, we can be a real force for positive change in the world.

Join me for this two hour workshop, and offer yourself the gift of time, presence and connection.

Expect movement, meditation, breathwork and an opportunity to be guided in self reflection.

I look forward to welcoming you there.